Transforming STEM Education through Computer Science Education
08.12.2023 / Education

Science and mathematics education, one of the disciplines that make up STEM education, is among the compulsory courses at K12 level. Unlike these disciplines, technology and engineering education is optional in most countries. Technology in STEM education symbolizes the use of technological knowledge and skills to solve real-life problems (Sanders, 2012) and represents a wide range from wooden craft sticks to glue guns, from information and communication technologies to programming tools (Özdinç & Mumcu, 2021). STEM education has started to evolve with the rapidly growing popularity of programming in schools and the rise of computational thinking (CK) skills (English, 2016). In recent years, computer-free, block-based, text-based, and physical programming activities have come to the forefront in STEM education (Markandan et al., 2022). Especially in hands-on activities (e.g. Gerosa et al., 2022) and learning activities involving maker movements (e.g. Yin et al., 2022), robotic activities using physical programming are becoming increasingly common. This webinar will explain how computer science education is transforming STEM education in the context of STEM education studies and research trends.

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