Monthly Events
Look To See, Think To Find
‘Life is Yours’ Project is one of the social projects aimed at enhancing healthy living within society. Through discussions featuring examples of social entrepreneurship, interactive meetings will be held, including competitions for drawing or storytelling focused on defined goals, or event planning.
01.03.2024 09:30 | Others
Resilience Action Academy
Building community resilience against natural hazards and climate change in local and regional areas
01.03.2024 14:00 | Others
Art and Research Projects
The Seminar titled "Art and Research Projects", the second of the Institute of Fine Arts Seminar series, aims to address the fields of study and research project preparation of our students enrolled in our Institute.
06.03.2024 14:00 | Conference / Seminar
Faculty of Architecture Architecture Talks: World Women’s Day: “Art, Woman, and Place - 1”
Hacettepe University Faculty of Architecture invites you to the 5th Architecture Talks. Our renowned guest Prof. Dr. Jale Nejdet Erzen will be presenting “World Women’s Day: Art, Woman, and Place - 1”.
08.03.2024 12:30 | Conference / Seminar
National Internship Program
Applications for the National Internship Program 2024 are now open
28.12.2024 09:00 | Others