Monthly Events
Faculty of Education Activities: Stronger Together
We would like to express condolences for our lost. Also we wish speedy recovery for the injured. We believe that we will overcome this extraordinary disaster with patience, effort and more unity and solidarity than ever before.
21.02.2023 15:00 | Conference / Seminar
Commemoration Ceremony for Our Students and Citizens Who Lost Their Lives in the 6 February 2023 Earthquakes
In memory of our students and citizens who passed away in the earthquake on February 6, 2023, on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 11.30 am, a plaque will be hanged and 17 saplings will be planted in front of the "Vefa Monument" located in Tunçalp Özgen Congress Center in Beytepe Campus. All Hacettepe residents are invited to the commemoration ceremony.
16.03.2023 11:30 | Ceremony
United Fruit Company and Its Influence on Latin America
The 20th event of Hacettepe Law Seminars will be held with Ceren TUĞLU OLPAK’s presentation on “United Fruit Company and Its Influence on Latin America” on 23 March 2023, at 14.00 via Microsoft Teams.
23.03.2023 14:00 | Conference / Seminar
Interior Architecture And Interdisciplinary Approaches
A collaborative study and brainstorming meeting will be held, aiming to prioritize the subject of temporary or permanent accommodation -seen directly related to the spatial design-, to determine and develop interdisciplinary relations, and to clarify future goals.
24.03.2023 09:00 | Congress / Symposium
Muğla Folk Songs
This week's speaker of the Traditional Music Culture Conference series organized by Hacettepe University Traditional Music Culture Research and Application Center will be Doc.Dr. Ümral DEVECİ HUGEM Director Prof. Dr. Gülay MIRZAOGLU will be the coordinator and the moderator.
30.03.2023 21:00 | Conference / Seminar