Recent Advances in the Production of Drug Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites
16.08.2022 / Conference / Seminar

Continuing his research at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Particle Engineering and Pharmacy Nanotechnology Laboratory, Prof. Dr. Ecevit Bilgili will give a seminar titled Recent Developments in the Production of Pharmaceutical Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites.

Earth Sciences Building Baysal Batman Seminar Hall
16 August 2022 Tuesday 14:00

Dr. Ecevit Bilgili is a professor, master teacher, and associate chair of the Chemical and Materials Engineering department at NJIT. His Particle Engineering and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Lab has been conducting research in designing formulations and processes for high-value-added products like pharmaceuticals with enhanced functionalities. His research interests center on the development of a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms involved during the formation of drug nanoparticles via top-down and bottom-up approaches, nanocomposite microparticles, and amorphous solid dispersions. Prior to this academic position, Dr. Bilgili worked as Principal Development Engineer within R&D and Pharmaceutical Commercialization Technology Department at Merck & Co., Inc. during 2004–2009. Dr. Bilgili is a well-recognized member of the Particle Technology Community. He served as an elected Executive Committee Member of the Particle Technology Forum of AIChE. He also served as the Chair & Vice-Chair of AIChE Area3a: Particle Production and Characterization. Dr. Bilgili authored about 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, 5 U.S. patents, and several invention disclosures. He delivered 120+ national/international conference presentations and 30+ invited talks. Dr. Bilgili serves as an Associate Executive Editor of Advanced Powder Technology, an Editor of Pharmaceutics and Powders journals, and an Editorial Advisory Board member of Pharmaceutical Research. He is a recipient of numerous Excellence in Teaching Awards from NJIT and the George Klinzing Best PhD Thesis in Particle Technology Award from the AICHE.