Opportunity + Choice = Justice
27.10.2022 / Conference / Seminar

The occupational justice concept, which is one of the core values of the occupational therapy discipline; argues that every individual has a need for self-actualization, support, determining their own identity, experiencing healthy levels of intellectual stimulus during their interactions with the environment, and social participation. In line with this concept, occupational injustice is mentioned when individuals do not have sufficient opportunity and freedom of choice to meet their needs. Within the scope of this year's theme of the 27th of October World Occupational Therapy Day, our University's Occupational Therapy Department organizes the "Opportunity + Choice = Justice" Symposium to shed light on this issue. In this symposium; we will listen to a success story embodying opportunities, choices and the justice process, and we will discuss the concepts of occupational justice within university life and social justice from a legal perspective.