Micro-credits in Higher Education: Definitions, Applications and Forecasts
01.06.2023 / Conference / Seminar

Micro-credentials, which have gained prominence in recent years, are among the key technologies and practices that have a significant impact on the future of learning and teaching in higher education. It is emphasized that micro-credentials will be effective in acquiring new and emerging competencies, providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and ensuring lifelong learning by supporting personal development, thanks to their features such as being competency-based, flexible and demand-driven. While there is growing interest and efforts among universities worldwide to implement micro-credentials, we are still in the early stages of micro-credentials integration in higher education. It seems important for higher education institutions to review their education and training policies and include micro-credentials in these policies by carefully following the relevant trends.

This presentation will explain the different definitions of micro-credentials, and discuss various micro-credentials approaches and practices in the context of higher education at the international level. It will also present existing views and insights on the opportunities and challenges that micro-credentials can provide for higher education.