Digital Story of the Week
06.10.2022 / Others

The stories told in the workshops by the Digital Storytelling Workshop, which was established in 2010 within the Department of Communication Sciences of the HU Communication Faculty, are circulating.

Since its inception, the Digital Storytelling Workshop has been trying to make the voices of different segments of the society audible through their own narratives, with the academic research of team members from academic fields such as gender, daily life, immigration, and health communication. More than 90 workshops have been carried out within the workshop so far.

The digital stories produced in the workshop will meet with Hacettepe residents and those who follow Hacettepe University with the title of "Digital Story of the Week" every week.

Digital stories, as an amateur form that allows individual experiences to be told as 1-3 minute stories to raise awareness on social issues, also serve the university's social responsibility mission.

Pınar - Haside from Dijital Hikayeler on Vimeo.