5th Lipid Research Workshop
11.11.2022 / Congress / Symposium

Lipids are biomolecules that are at the center of many cellular events as a result of their structural diversity. The integrity of the cell membrane, which is indispensable for life, is provided to a great extent by lipid molecules. Apart from energy metabolism in the cell; Various lipids are involved in many important events such as signal transduction, endocytosis, and apoptosis. A significant part of the genome encodes proteins that synthesize, metabolize and regulate lipids.

lipids for many years; It has been overshadowed by DNA, RNA, and proteins. Although significant strides have been made in understanding cell function and homeostasis in the last 40 years, the existence of many unexplained and unexplained metabolic events has raised research questions that will occupy lipid researchers for many years.

Lipid molecules are in the group that is difficult to study due to their hydrophobic structure, but with the developments from past to present, especially advanced mass spectrophotometry techniques that allow detailed identification of lipids, more researchers are interested in this field and carry out projects that mainly involve lipid analysis. On the other hand, various lipid molecules detected and identified in the bloodstream by lipidomic techniques are promising for understanding diseases and normal physiology.

Hacettepe Lipid Research Group was established after our first meeting held on our university campus for the first time in 2016, and after three face-to-face meetings, our last remote workshop was held in 2020. Proceedings of our previous meetings can be accessed at http://www.hulipag.hacettepe.edu.tr/toplantilar.shtml During the 5th Lipid Research Workshop to be held on Friday, November 11, scientists conducting lipid research from Turkey and abroad will present their original research findings. After the workshop, it is aimed to establish research partnerships that will develop new project proposals.
For registration and information: hulipid@gmail.com